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About Us

Founded in 1986 by Peter Glazman, USPack Logistics has grown steadily into the premier name in New York courier services. Since our inception we’ve held true to the simple ideal that we were founded upon: keep it personal. Over the past two decades we’ve never wavered in our dedication to personalized service standards. Still at the helm today, Mr. Glazman has pursued a strategy of measured growth through calculated acquisitions and careful investment decisions. Today we provide a wide array of same day and daily routed delivery services to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond. Our couriers specialize in getting packages through the hustle of busy streets quickly, safely, and affordably.

Now joined by Mr. Glazman’s son Mark, USPack Logistics is the same family business it was nearly a quarter of a century ago (our family is just a bit bigger). By combining the personalized, hands-on service of a small business with the cutting edge technology and capabilities of the world’s leading delivery services, we’re redefining package delivery one day at a time. Whether you’re need to ship an envelope to Brooklyn today or a pallet of freight to Brussels next week, USPack will get it there for you on time and in-tact. Every time. .

Give us a call: (888) 370-5098