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About USPack

USPack Same Day Logistics Solutions: Moving what matters.

We’re listeners, creative problem solvers, and partners on every delivery. It’s in our attention to the details of logistics management. It’s in the way we create delivery service solutions. And it’s in our value of keeping it personal.

Since 1986, USPack Logistics has been redefining
the way deliveries are handled, shipped, and tracked.

Today, we offer personalized delivery services that include envelopes, packages, and pallets to over a dozen states and cities across the country, including New York, California, Houston and beyond.

We combine custom, hands-on same-day logistics solutions with advanced technology and capabilities for dependable, innovative solutions. We connect people with every delivery, while holding true to the simple value that started it all: keep it personal.

Recently we merged with Fleetgistics to be a unified single strategic resource for mission-critical delivery, transport and final mile services and support.

When you’re ready to deliver, leave it to USPack. In tact, on time, every time—we’ll get your package there.


We’re your full-service solution for same-day delivery. With daily on-demand deliveries throughout the US, we make sure your packages get where they need to be.


We provide reliable same-day deliveries and messenger services to meet the needs of any industry. Today, we work with dozens of clients in Banking, Medical, E-commerce, Legal, and beyond.

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When you're ready
to deliver.


Intact. On time.
Every time.

How USPack is moving what matters

We like to think of ourselves as your same-day logistics solution for whatever your business needs may be. In addition to offering same-day delivery services in major cities across America, USPack provides warehousing management services for JIT (just-in-time) inventory; emergency, on-demand deliveries that include temperature-controlled and otherwise regulated and monitored shipping environments for such things as medical and pharmaceutical items; and logistics and supply chain management for many industries.

Serving clients nationwide

USPack provides deliveries, logistics, and inventory management for numerous companies across the country, of all sizes and from a wide array of industries. We are proud to have helped so many businesses in moving what matters, furthering their business goals and helping them to deliver as promised.

Is a same-day logistics solution right for your business?

Whether large or small, businesses in need of delivery services that are customized to meet their needs, reliable, and fast (same-day instead of the standard 5-7 day deliveries) turn to USPack. With a same-day logistics solution, you receive on-demand shipping and many other benefits, such as personalized customer service, GPS tracking of your shipments, and guaranteed same-day delivery. Some businesses choose an on-demand approach to their logistic needs so that whenever a delivery is needed, they simply call us and the next available driver(s) is dispatched. In other cases, a company may choose to establish a regularly scheduled custom route, where USPack picks up regularly scheduled shipments. Regardless of the size of your needs, if your shipments absolutely must be kept secure, arrive on time, and you need the flexibility of personalized service, USPack same-day logistics solutions may be the right fit. Call us today to discuss your needs with a USPack representative who can help you determine the best solution for your business’ unique demands.