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Medical & Lab Courier Services

Medical & Lab Courier ServicesCareful delivery of medical and lab specimens from blood work delivery to biopsies delivery is critical to maintaining a streamlined and responsive healthcare system, and is often essential to establishing your reputation within the industry. In addition, stringent regulations require the safeguarding of these samples to protect a patient’s privacy. The responsibility can be overwhelming, but you have a partner. USPack shares your concern for the extreme care medical packages require. All USPack medical and lab couriers have undergone special training and are in compliance with DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation and OSHA Blood borne Pathogens procedures. We recognize the importance of our role in transporting critical materials between medical offices, hospitals, laboratories, and training centers, and ensure the utmost safety where potentially infectious materials are present. Our medical and laboratory clients trust us with their most sensitive materials, and utilize many of the following services:

ROUTED DELIVERY: If a daily or weekly delivery is required to maintain your medical or laboratory operations, let USPack work with you to design a delivery circuit that meets the needs of your facility and those you serve.

SAME DAY DELIVERY: We’ll pick up and deliver ‘rush’ medical specimens from a lab to a testing center on demand.

CLIMATE-CONTROLLED AND BONDED DELIVERY: USPack will protect your temperature-sensitive medical and lab materials, and allow you to set the thermostat in our custom, up-fitted vehicles

NEXT FLIGHT OUT: Your samples will never be left sitting in the laboratory or the airport lobby. Get your package on the next available flight to its destination city

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