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Private Lab & Medical Delivery Services

Careful handling and delivery of blood work, biopsies, and other medical and lab specimens is critical to maintaining a streamlined, responsive healthcare system—and to protecting your reputation within the industry.

You have a partner in USPack. We share your concerns and understand the extreme care medical packages require during shipment, as well as the importance of protecting a patient’s privacy under HIPAA.

All USPack lab and medical couriers are specially trained in the stringent regulations of safeguarding all packages, as well as in DOT Hazardous Materials, and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens procedures.

Our medical and laboratory clients trust our highly-trained couriers with their most sensitive materials and utilize many of our services including:

  • Routed delivery: We’ll work with you to design and execute the best delivery routes to meet the needs of your facility and those you serve so our couriers can get your shipment to you as efficiently as possible.
  • On-demand & STAT delivery: We’ll pick up and rush deliver medical specimens from lab to testing centers on-demand.
  • Climate-controlled & bonded delivery: We allow you to set the thermostat in our vehicles, protecting temperature-sensitive medical and lab materials to your specification.
  • Next-flight-out: With our air courier service, we’ll get your package on the next flight available so your samples are never left sitting around a lab or at a gate.

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