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Manhattan Courier Service

The business center of the world moves at a constant, high-speed pace, and demands that your company keep up. Don’t navigate this crowded grid alone: let USPack, trusted Manhattan courier service and throughout the five boroughs, turn the hassle of delivery into a safe, customized, reliable solution for your business. No matter where your shipments are going- the bustling corporate district of Midtown, the financial heart of Wall Street, or anywhere else throughout the borough, we have the resources to simplify even the most complex delivery schedule. Whether doing business in Chinatown or the Upper West Side, Harlem or the Lower East Side, our seasoned, experienced couriers have the knowledge of New York City streets to get your packages to their destination secure and on-schedule.

USPack has been the Manhattan courier service of choice for over 20 years, which means our delivery fleet- including trucks, bike messengers, and subway couriers- has that ‘New York State of Mind’ to secure your package through unforgiving city streets. And the best part is, as your company grows, USPack provides scalable solutions to grow with you. USPack is the most efficient same-day courier service for your delivery needs in Manhattan, where efficiency is king. We’re proud to keep the companies that do business with us at the head of the pack. Let’s start a delivery relationship in the city that seems to frown upon that sort of thing.

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