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Messenger Services

At USPack, we know that the central business districts of any city are often slowed to a halt by unpredictable gridlock. That’s why in addition to our delivery vans, we offer an experienced fleet of messengers. Less subject to unexpected traffic holdups, these messenger services ensure the predictability and reliability of your delivery schedule. When traffic is a concern for your business, let USPack make this necessary evil of city life one less thing to worry about. We navigate the streets with our trademark efficiency when losing minutes means losing valuable business. And with our state-of-the-art mobile GPS tracking devices, you can rest assured knowing our messengers reach your destination without a hitch.

While efficient, reliable delivery is of great concern to any thriving business, there are other benefits to choosing our messenger services. For shorter distances, messengers are the preferred green choice for any business looking to improve its environmental footprint. Our messenger services are a quick and easy way to be green. Another benefit of messenger services is on-demand delivery of your small documents that can’t be sent via e-mail. Even if a virtual delivery solution is available for your documents, consider the importance of physical delivery. There’s nothing more impressive than a USPack courier delivering your package to its destination first-hand. Our USPack messengers move at the speed of business, keeping pace with the city that never sleeps.

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