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Local Messenger Services


Local Delivery and Mobile Messenger Services

For many businesses, especially those based in major cities, we understand that traffic may not only interrupt your commute, but the efficiency of your business as well. Let us make it easier for you.

We know that the central business districts of any city are often slowed to a halt by unpredictable gridlock, potentially affecting critical local deliveries. That’s why, in addition to our delivery fleet vans, we offer an experienced fleet of messengers. Less likely to be subjected to unexpected street traffic, our dedicated messenger services stick to your scheduled delivery. And with our state-of-the-art mobile GPS tracking devices, you can rest assured knowing your delivery reaches its destination without a hitch or jam.

Benefits of our messenger delivery service include:

  • Same-day, on-demand delivery of small documents
  • Guaranteed confidential hand-to-hand delivery
  • Reliable and environmentally-friendly efficiency

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Local Messengers Get To You Fast

USPack takes full advantage of the interconnectedness of the city, and avoids traffic that can frequently be a dense, stop-and-go nightmare, by dispatching a crew of walking messengers to get your local delivery to you faster. Our messengers guarantee same-day local delivery service for all your most mission-critical shipments.

What Can A Local Messenger Deliver?

To ensure that packages are delivered as quickly as possible, our team of trained foot messengers can usually handle packages weighing up to 15 pounds.

Common items businesses trust to have delivered by one of our walking messengers include:
Important documents or letters
Tools, important parts, and other small equipment
And more!

USPack’s messengers will arrive at your facility’s doors for local pick-up, maximizing your own efficiency by providing door-to-door secure delivery – all you have to do is place the request. USPack keeps your business moving by ensuring the fastest possible same-day delivery with our local walking messengers.

Better technology & better local delivery expertise

To keep you updated with the whereabouts of your local delivery, our messengers have real-time GPS tracking that you can view online, so you’ll always know where your package is in its travels. And with their extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of your city, our messengers will get packages from point A to point B – ASAP!

This combination of superior technology & in-depth local knowledge lead to more efficient processes and cost savings for you, while simultaneously increasing the satisfaction of your customers who receive their important shipments as fast as possible, hand-delivered same-day from their trusted logistics provider.

More and more businesses are saving time, saving money, and improving customer relationships by making the switch to trusting USPack to handle their local deliveries.

USPack is here to help keep your business moving.

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