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City Courier and Bicycle Messenger Services

For many businesses, especially those based in major cities, we understand that traffic may not only interrupt your commute, but the efficiency of your business as well. Let us make it easier for you.

We know that the central business districts of any city are often slowed to a halt by unpredictable gridlock, potentially affecting critical local deliveries. That’s why, in addition to our delivery fleet vans, we offer an experienced fleet of messengers. Less likely to be subjected to unexpected street traffic, our dedicated messenger services stick to your scheduled delivery. And with our state-of-the-art mobile GPS tracking devices, you can rest assured knowing your delivery reaches its destination without a hitch or jam.

Benefits of our messenger courier service include:

  • Same-day, on-demand delivery of small documents
  • Guaranteed confidential hand-to-hand delivery
  • Reliable and environmentally-friendly efficiency

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