Nailing Down Logistics for a Home Improvement Giant’s Omnichannel Commerce Strategy

With demand soaring on both big & bulky store-to-door and e-commerce orders, delivery shortcomings were standing in the way of effective omnichannel retail execution for one of the world’s largest home improvement retailers.

The company was using a dedicated delivery network solution that only utilized full truck capacity. That approach led to continuously sold out capacity and inflexible delivery options that constrained growth, increased costs and negatively impacted customer satisfaction. They needed to find a better way.

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Revving Up a Delivery Engine for the Aftermarket Auto Industry

Aftermarket auto retailers have incredibly complex inventory management and delivery needs. With tens of thousands of products, countless retail stores and multiple customer bases with tight delivery time windows, most retailers rely on hodgepodge delivery solutions cobbled together from crowdsourcing, contractors and dedicated vehicles. Unfortunately, those solutions are costly, can’t keep up with delivery capacity and can’t deliver consistent customer experiences. That’s where USPack came in.

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