September 13, 2021

Sep 13, 2021

USPack Chief Revenue Officer, Dan Byrne, was a featured speaker at Home Delivery World in Philadelphia this past week. With peak season right around the corner, retail brands and other large parcel shippers are looking for any relief to rising rates and surcharges from traditional parcel carriers. Dan’s talk acknowledges this reality and discusses what options large parcel shippers have with a specialized carrier and delivery partner. USPack is a large parcel / big & bulky delivery service provider with one of the largest national footprints. USPack coverage includes all major metropolitan areas and over 45 induction cross docks across the United States for retailers to ship their large parcels and deliver to the majority of their customers.

A few highlights from Dan’s talk:

  • Large Parcel issues for popular parcel carriers going into peak season 2021 – rising rates, surcharges, and volume caps
  • differences between “True Parcel”, Large Parcel, and White Glove Delivery and the need to differentiate between the three
  • the unique infrastructure needed to service Large Parcel Deliveries
  • use cases and advantages of partnering with a dedicated Large Parcel / Big & Bulky Delivery service like USPack


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