August 02, 2022

Aug 2, 2022

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What Do Major Hospital Centers and Retail Distribution Centers Have in Common? // USPack

Healthcare and retail, the two of the most powerful sectors in the US economy and culture. While their interests and goals differ, they share many similarities in logistics and operations.


Reshoring as a Supply Chain Strategy: The Pros and Cons // IEN

With imports of components from foreign manufacturers delayed, is reshoring manufacturing the right thing to do? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. How would the end consumer react to increased pricing to bring the manufacturing back stateside?


Technology Alone To Create A Final Mile Experience? Think Again // USPack

In the era of Silicon Valley, it’s tempting to seek technology and software alone to simulate a real final mile experience as a part of your customer’s journey. But nothing can compare to the people, experience, and expertise that go into creating a genuine final mile delivery for your customer.


Amazon to acquire One Medical clinics in latest push into health care // NYTimes

Healthcare, meet retail! Get ready for a new level of convenience innovation at both clinics and in the home, for both primary and acute care.


Drones and 10-minute delivery: Why these glimmers of last mile’s future will stay niche // Freight Waves

The need for speed: the consumers demand for fast deliveries is unlikely to decrease. These demands warrant continued optimization and investment in your last mile plans.


Key to Thriving During Macroeconomic Crises: Make Data Your Friend // SDC Exec

Data has become even more imperative to supply chain success. Continued monitoring of data leads to more efficient and faster adaptability to events around the structure of your supply chain.


Think Like a Boss: CPOs Need to Step Up, Broaden Approach, Gartner Says // Supply Chain Brain

In the age of continuous disruptions to the supply chain, economic uncertainty, and high customer expectations, the procurement professional’s work and strategic planning can heavy influence the fate of their organization.


Coming to Grips with Sustainability in the Supply Chain // MH&L

Transparency throughout your supply chain factors into an effective and well-functioning supply chain framework.








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